Dräger Sulla 808V


Complete circuit system, Drawer unit included, Suction unit included, Built-in monitor.

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The Dräger Sulla 808V is indeed a critical asset for hospitals, offering advanced care for both adults and children. This ventilator combines high-tech features with simplicity, thus enabling quick adjustments by medical staff, especially in emergencies.

Moreover, its compact design allows for easy movement within various hospital settings. Whether in the ER, ICU, or when transferring patients, the Dräger Sulla is an excellent choice. Additionally, the device’s long battery life ensures uninterrupted care, suitable for any duration of treatment.

Safety is a paramount aspect of the Dräger Sulla, with its high-efficiency filters and sterilizable components. Consequently, these features help in maintaining a sterile environment, safeguarding against infections.

Healthcare teams notably appreciate the intuitive nature and reliability of this ventilator. It’s a crucial part of the medical care toolkit. With it, caregivers can provide high-quality care, making it a prudent choice for any healthcare facility. It guarantees that patients receive the necessary support.

Furthermore, with the Dräger Sulla, medical professionals are well-equipped to meet the demands of patient care. This ventilator is a significant aid in providing life-saving support.

More than just a machine, it’s a partner in the healthcare process, supporting staff in delivering care. The ventilator’s ease of use and comprehensive features ensure sophisticated care at the patient’s bedside.

In summary, investing in the Dräger Sulla 808V is a smart decision for medical facilities. It offers top-notch respiratory support, meeting the high standards of contemporary medicine. With this ventilator, healthcare providers can ensure consistent, high-quality care in all clinical situations, thereby improving patient outcomes.


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