Dräger Infinity Detla Patient Monitor


Include NIBP, IBP/ ESG, non-invasible NIBP, SpO2 oxygen sensor finger sensor, and ESG(EKG) NIBP. Additionally IBP, temperature available, Fully Tested and Refurbished.

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The Dräger Infinity Delta is a patient monitoring system designed and manufactured by Dräger, a leading global provider of medical and safety technology. The Infinity Delta is a versatile patient monitor commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings to continuously monitor and display vital signs and physiological parameters of patients.

Key features and capabilities of the Dräger Infinity Delta Patient Monitor include:

1. **Multi-Parameter Monitoring:** The Infinity Delta is capable of monitoring multiple physiological parameters simultaneously, including but not limited to:
– ECG (Electrocardiography)
– SpO2 (Pulse Oximetry)
– NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure)
– Temperature
– Respiratory Rate
– Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP)
– EtCO2 (End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide)
– Anesthetic Agents (for anesthesia monitoring)

2. **Customizable Display:** The monitor typically features a customizable high-resolution display that allows healthcare providers to configure the layout and arrangement of data according to their preferences and the patient’s needs.

3. **Alarms and Notifications:** It is equipped with configurable alarms and notifications to alert healthcare staff to changes in the patient’s condition or parameters falling outside the preset thresholds.

4. **Trends and Data Storage:** The monitor can store patient data and trends over time, facilitating the review of historical patient information and aiding in clinical decision-making.

5. **Integration:** Dräger’s Infinity Delta is designed for integration into hospital information systems (HIS) and electronic medical records (EMR) systems for seamless data transfer and documentation.

6. **Patient Data Management:** The monitor may offer patient data management capabilities, allowing for easy patient identification and record keeping.

7. **Network Connectivity:** It often features network connectivity options to enable remote monitoring and centralized viewing of patient data, which can be especially useful in intensive care units (ICUs) and operating rooms.

8. **Battery Backup:** Some models may include a battery backup system to ensure continuous monitoring even in case of power outages or during patient transport.

9. **User-Friendly Interface:** The Infinity Delta typically has an intuitive user interface with touchscreen or keypad options for easy navigation and parameter adjustment.

10. **Portable and Versatile:** It can be used as a portable bedside monitor or integrated into a central monitoring station, making it versatile for various healthcare scenarios.


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