Dräger Evita 4 Ventilator


The Drager Evita 4 is a ventilator used on Adults, pediatrics, and Neonates. This ventilator can also be used on premature babies utilizing the NeoFlow option, Fully Tested and Refurbished.

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The Dräger Evita 4 is a ventilator system manufactured by Dräger, a well-known company specializing in medical and safety technology. The Evita 4 is a critical care ventilator designed for use in intensive care units (ICUs), operating rooms, and other clinical settings where advanced respiratory support is required. It provides mechanical ventilation to patients who are unable to breathe on their own or require additional support to maintain adequate oxygenation and ventilation.

Key features and capabilities of the Dräger Evita 4 Ventilator include:

1. **Modes of Ventilation:** The Evita 4 offers a range of ventilation modes to meet the specific needs of patients, including volume-controlled ventilation (VCV), pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV), and a variety of support modes, such as pressure support (PS) and synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation (SIMV).

2. **Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation:** It supports both invasive (intubated) and non-invasive (mask-based) ventilation, providing flexibility for different patient populations.

3. **Advanced Monitoring:** The ventilator offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities, including real-time measurement and display of parameters such as tidal volume, respiratory rate, peak airway pressure, and more.

4. **Oxygen Concentration Control:** The Evita 4 typically allows precise control of the inspired oxygen concentration (FiO2) to maintain the patient’s oxygenation within the desired range.

5. **Alarms and Safety Features:** It is equipped with an alarm system to alert healthcare providers to changes in patient condition or ventilation parameters falling outside the preset limits. Safety features help ensure patient safety during ventilation.

6. **Data Logging and Trending:** The ventilator can record and store patient data and trends over time, facilitating retrospective analysis and documentation of patient care.

7. **Battery Backup:** Some models include a battery backup system to ensure continuous ventilation support in case of power outages or during patient transport.

8. **User-Friendly Interface:** Dräger designs its ventilators with user-friendly interfaces, making it easier for healthcare professionals to set up and adjust ventilation parameters.

9. **Integrated Nebulization:** The Evita 4 may offer integrated nebulization capabilities for delivering aerosolized medications to patients when needed.

10. **Adaptive Support:** Some models include adaptive support features to optimize ventilation based on the patient’s needs and condition.


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