We offer a wide range of medical supplies,  Please visit our product page for more detailed information or contact our customer service team for specific inquiries.

Yes, we proudly offer international shipping to a wide range of locations. Our company is based in Hamburg, and we have the resources to dispatch our products worldwide. However, the feasibility of shipping specific items internationally depends on various factors including the nature of the product, destination country regulations, and shipping logistics.For each order, we conduct a detailed assessment to determine if there are any restrictions or special considerations before we can confirm the shipment. We encourage our customers to reach out with their requirements so we can provide the most accurate shipping information and assist with the order process.

If you require a product that is not currently listed, please contact our support team. We are constantly expanding our offerings and can assist with special orders or provide recommendations for alternatives

We accept various payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, Paypal, etc. If you have concerns about payment, please contact our billing department.

Ensuring the highest quality of our medical supplies is paramount because we understand the critical role they play in healthcare outcomes. Here are the key measures we undertake to guarantee the quality of our products. We maintain open communication with our clients about our products. Should there ever be a concern or recall, we take immediate, transparent steps to inform affected parties and rectify the situation.

Absolutely, we stand behind our products with a commitment to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of trust in our industry, which is why we offer a transparent refund policy.

Payments are processed through PayPal Business, one of the most secure and customer-friendly platforms available, ensuring every transaction is safe and smooth. This underscores our dedication to operational integrity and exceptional customer service.

In terms of product quality, we pledge that the condition of each item you receive aligns with the description provided through our direct communication and promises. If, for any reason, you find that the product does not match the specifications or standards we have detailed in our communications, you are entitled to exercise our refund guarantee.

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